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Witch denied a home unless black cat goes

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: April 04, 2012

  • Amanda Barnes is homeless as she won't ditch her spirit guides.

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COUNCIL chiefs have denied a St Austell witch a new home – until she ditches her black cat and canine spirit guides.

Amanda Barnes, from St Blazey, left the house she shared with her partner when their relationship ended and also lost her job as a taxi base controller for Star Cars in St Austell on the same day.

She said she has since suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and said she is classed as unfit to work.

She was then put on a list to be rehomed by Cornwall Council – but the authority has refused to help her unless she gets rid of her animals – which she sees as her spirit guides.

She said she was placed at Victoria Guest house on Trevanion Road, St Austell, in January as a temporary measure, where she has now been for three months.

Her pets, which are all from rescue centres and were reared by Ms Barnes – a five-year-old cat, an eight-year-old German shepherd and an 18-month-old doberman – were taken into care.

"I tried explaining to the council that my animals are the only family I have at the moment," she said.

Ms Barnes said the funding to keep her animals in care ran out last week so she had to pack her belongings and has been sofa surfing in Exeter.

Ms Barnes describes herself as a hedge witch – such witches are perceived as mediators between spirits and people who can also practise herbal healing.

"I don't believe in 'God' as such, so I decided to take on the one thing that made more sense to me than any other religion," she said.

"I've used herbs for many years for things, usually with animals, as I take on rescues that most people don't want as they are too ill, old, or so badly-treated previously that they can be unpredictable."

She added: "I add cod liver oil to their feed for their coats and skin condition, garlic to ward off fleas, and fresh basil for their breath."

Cornwall Council said: "The homeless customer's pets are considered to be part of their property and Cornwall Council has a duty to arrange for these to be accommodated, where it is reasonable to do so. However, Cornwall Council will not contribute towards the cost and so the homeless customer must be aware that they are responsible for the full charge each week."

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  • whaleschark  |  April 04 2012, 12:57PM

    Having a pet is not a right, it's a privledge. When you can afford pets and you have a stable environment, then you get a pet. When you can not feed or house yourself, you need to be fair to the animals and rehome them with people who can look after themselves and their pet long term. End of.

    |   4
  • homerjay  |  April 04 2012, 12:29PM

    Do what many tenants do, tell them that you have no pets. When it comes to enforcement they don't want to know unless it's a homicidal or politically incorrect.

    |   -5
  • madpotter_jo  |  April 04 2012, 12:08PM

    I know plenty of people who live in council housing with pets, one has two cats and two dogs!

    |   10
  • shagrats  |  April 04 2012, 11:02AM

    Mmmmm if you can't look after yourself, then how are you going to look after a pet. Spiratuality in whatever form you take it will not replace reality. It sounds like she is heading towards a life on the streets.

    |   4