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'Mawgan Porth will be condemned if not improved'

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: February 25, 2014

  • Architects impression of an artisan marketplace in Mawgan Porth

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A PAIR of Mawgan Porth businessmen are in discussions with Cornwall Council over their plans to redevelop Mawgan Porth village.

Graham Jones, owner of Cornish Fresh, and landlord Mahash Patel want to find out if the area by the seafront can be developed, despite it being at risk from flooding.

The pair have claimed essential improvements are needed to some of the dated infrastructure to protect against water damage, and to avoid putting off investors.

They said if the work is not carried out the council risks "condemning Mawgan Porth".

Mr Jones has suggested existing businesses should be raised to reduce the risk.

The two men are consulting with London architects Rock Townsend, which has conducted a study of the beachfront zone.

They are now proposing a number of ideas aimed at improving life for residents, as well as encouraging holidaymakers to visit.

Plans include an artisan market and a microbrewery.

The pair said they are also considering ways of discouraging motorists from driving near to the beach, with architects exploring the possibility of creating an attractive, paved brick road.

Mr Jones told the Cornish Guardian: "The initial phase of work was to find ways to increase the profile of the area generally.

"This concluded with the idea of an artisan marketplace – a way of increasing the attractiveness of the destination to locals and visitors alike."

But he warns all of this comes at a cost, and needs the backing of village residents.

A meeting will be held later this month when people will be encouraged to voice their opinions and make suggestions, which the architects can look to incorporate in a final plan.

For more details about the Mawgan Porth Initiative, visit www.mymawganporth.com

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  • belcher17  |  March 01 2014, 8:57AM

    Mawgan porth is a very successful village and has been well before the two "mawgan porth" businessmen came from london to buy up property to develop. The scarlet and bedruthan steps, the park along with countless high class properties marry with the local community and there is an exceptional community spirit. It is hard to understand why a headline like the above exists. It will be fine without the two aforementioned property developers, neither of which live in mawgan porth. Indeed one lives in london full time and the other has moved to cornwall from there. They do not represent mawgan porth. I would like Cornwall council to confirm if they have stated that Mawgan porth could be condemned ie above statement : They said if the work is not carried out the council risks "condemning Mawgan Porth". Are they speaking on behalf of the council? Yes, the front needs developing and we have seen the vulgar developments both parties have put in front of the council in the past so we can clearly see their interest. One paid at least three times the value of the building they should have, and is keen to make that back, and the other has a dilapidated eyesore which needs considerable investment. Yes...they are in need of essential repairs, but as a property owner who bought a property on a flood plain.....your problem....not that, which will either be funded by the local people or tax payer or by an eyesore unsuitable to the people who will be living here for a long time after they have gone. It is an area built on sand and so the distance to go down may need to be matched by the distance to go up and that will be an eyesore Mr Jones has a very unfortunate disposition in that he is not necessarily loved locally and so to capture anyone's interest is an uphill struggle as they will simply see it as supporting him financially. He has made attempts at trying to communicate locally to people but they have ignored him because of that disposition and alleged self interest. For example he joined the local business group and immediately asked everyone for what they thought would be good for the seafront as part of his role as 'marketing'. He was blanked. Indeed it is alleged locally that when he came into the village that he stated that he would put most of the 'businesses in mawgan porth out of business and the first to go would be the merrymoor'. The merrymoor is a business established for three generations. Since then he has bought one of the local businesses and offered to buy another direct to the owner of bettys. If this is untrue he will need to deal with that and I suspect and hope the people above may well attend his meetings His unfriendly disposition makes him unattractive to interact with and he will need to be clean and upfront with the people in his meetings he has planned in mawgan porth....and thats a helpful tip for him for we all want the best for the area. The businesses here all work together and are very friendly and talk to each so all information makes its way around. The people locally will be happy to attend the meeting and see whats on offer but it will have to be for their benefit not property developers. We have seen the colossal impact on Newquay for that. Mawgan porth is a unique quaint village and people who come here want it to stay like that. Its not about nimbysm...it works here....we love it...families love it....older people love it...keep the aesthetics sympathetic, communicate with people interests at heart and you'll get a much better outcome

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