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By West Briton  |  Posted: May 08, 2014

  • William Dartmouth: UKIP.

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WILLIAM Dartmouth, the UKIP lead candidate in the South West, writes:

The European Union election on May 22 gives the people of the South West a chance to have their say on how Britain should be governed.

You hear all kinds of scare stories about how leaving the EU would be disastrous for our country.

Lib Dem Sir Graham Watson is already trotting out the old line that the South West would lose jobs.

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The truth is that we could create more jobs and businesses in the South West if we left the EU, and were free to trade with the rest of the world.

Much has been made over the years of the fact that the South West has received millions of pounds from the EU, but it was our own money: part of the £55 million we're charged for membership every day.

Cornwall's share comes to £170 million per year.

Leaving the EU would revitalise our fishing industry, wrecked by EU regulations; end the pressure to build turbines and solar farms across our countryside; and give us a chance to provide more support to hardworking farmers.

Leaving the EU does not make Britain isolated in the world; it frees us – the world's sixth largest economy and ninth largest manufacturing nation – to trade with the growing economies of the world.

That is why I urge you to vote for UKIP on May 22.

Let's send a big message to the old parties, and win our country back.

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  • ramehead  |  May 12 2014, 9:11AM

    Not sure what he does for his money! Still waiting for a reply to my second e-mail. Perhaps he's too busy shooting defenceless birds on his Yorkshire Estate.

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  • DipStick  |  May 08 2014, 2:19PM

    Well if all the main parties are 'anti-UKIP' then that's good enough for me, they get my vote! The main reason to leave the EU is one of sovereignty. Whilst a member we have no say over how we live our lives etc. Outside of it we have a more control, but would still have to sign up to global trade laws etc. However, we could help form those laws directly rather than have our voice lost/ignored as part of any EU involvement. And as fdor any money that that Cornwall gets from the EU that is jusdt a small percentage of what the EU gives to the EU in the first place. How stupid must you be if you think that we're getting "free" money???!! As for the immigration issue, noone can argue that if we didn't have so many immigrants in the country with no check on numbes, or who is coming and going, we wouldn't have as much of a problem with school sizes, not enough houses ot not enough roads. That's just simple logic - the more people on this island the more "things" needed to look after them. As for Westminster still the biggest influence on our lives, Cameron has said MPs need longer holidays because THERE ISN'T ENOUGH FOR THEM TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then *** are they for? DS

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  • cweatherhill  |  May 08 2014, 11:04AM

    Yes, to a large extent it is our money, but unlike goverance from London, Cornwall actually saw some back in Objective One funding and its successor funding. Nonetheless, and with London still calling all the major shots, Cornwall is now the poorest region of the UK, poorer even than the valleys of South Wales, and one of the poorest regions in the whole of Europe. Without some fair treatment from Brussels, and left to the disgraceful neglect from London (still visible in the shocking disparity in regional funding from Westminster over a wide range of issues from education to health, with us at the bottom of the pile as usual), we would now be far and away the poorest in Europe. Not to mention the £300 million each year that London wrests from Cornwall and never gives back (that was the 2001 figure - God alone knows what it is now, but it won't be less). Does UKIP really believe that Cornwall wants a vote for that? And, while we're about it, let's be very clear that UKIP's attitude to the Cornish is no better than its attitude to immigrants. On our recent recognition as a National Minority, a UKIP Branch Chairman (of a Cornish constituency) said that the decision was: "undemocratic, laughable, and should not be embraced or celebrated". Lord Dartmouth, give me one good reason why a Cornish voter should ever consider giving your loathsome party a vote.

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  • AnOmsav  |  May 08 2014, 10:49AM

    The Great Ukip Racism Debate - Debunking the Six Main Myths: http://tinyurl.com/mvuep9v Wouldn't it be good - just for once - if you could all be honest about why you don't like the EU. Have the courage of your convictions - some guts lets say - and explain why you are against the UK's membership of the EU. It's nothing to do with democracy in reality is it? The EU is not perfect but neither is the UK, and it's Westminster that has a far greater influence over our lives. The EU's parliament is elected - more or less - proportionally by us. The European Council is made up of European heads-of-state (or government) who are elected by us. The Council of Ministers is comprised of ministers from our democratically elected governments. The European Commission is made up of people appointed by our democratically elected governments. The EU also has a written constitution which enshrines the rights of citizens and the principle of subsidiarity. Not perfect, plenty of room for improvement, but not the dictatorship Ukippers would have us believe. Compare that to the UK where we have an unelected head of state resulting in an unhealthy concentration of executive and legislative power in the hands of the government. Our upper chamber - 50% of our Parliament - is unelected. There is no written constitution or bill of rights. Unelected quangos litter the land. Our electoral system is anything but proportional or representative. Power is centralised in London with only Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and...ummm...London enjoying any kind of devolved government. Does any of this bother your average Ukipper? No, of course not, because if truth be known they'd probably be happy with an British dictatorship as long as it wasn't shared with European "foreigners". Ukip in a flap over Cornish recognition: http://tinyurl.com/q9m2zj2

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