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Trevor Counsell, 40, from Bodmin, fined for assault over debt

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: November 13, 2013

Trevor Counsell, 40, from Bodmin, fined for assault over debt

A BUGLE man found guilty of assault after a trial in his absence has been ordered to pay £1,305 by a court.

Part of the penalty faced by 40-year-old Trevor Counsell includes a total of £345 in compensation to Nick Davey, who was left with a cut lip, broken glasses and a ripped and bloodstained shirt after being attacked by Counsell in a Bugle caravan park.

Counsell, 40, of Riverside Park, Minorca Lane, who had pleaded not guilty to assaulting Mr Davey by beating, claiming Mr Davey was the aggressor, failed to turn up for his trial on October 29 and was convicted in his absence. A warrant was then issued for his arrest and he was brought before Bodmin magistrates in custody for sentence on Monday.

Terry Eastwood, for the prosecution, said that Counsell and Mr Davey had been friends, both living in nearby caravans at Minorca Lane.

However, at around 11.15am on June 22, Davey – who was moving out – was reversing his truck when Counsell appeared at the window of the vehicle. His eyes were glazed and he behaved in an irrational manner, threatening to smash the window, said Mr Eastwood.

Mr Davey wound down the window and asked, 'What's the matter Trev?', at which point Counsell punched him in the face. He pulled off Mr Davey's glasses, causing them to break, swore at him and said he had a knife.

Counsell then reached through the open window and grabbed Mr Davey's shirt, trying to pull him out.

After Mr Davey had got out of the vehicle, Counsell went over and head-butted him, causing further pain. Others helped Mr Davey and Counsell left the scene. Mr Davey later said he had no idea why Counsell had picked on him.

William Hazelton, for the defence, said that some time previously another man, referred to as Sean, had towed Mr Davey's truck out of some mud. Counsell had been present at the time and Mr Davey had said he would pay Sean for the favour.

This had not happened and on the day of the assault Counsell had gone across to ask Mr Davey about the debt.

As Counsell tried to get the keys to the truck, Mr Davey grabbed his finger and Counsell elbowed him so that he would release it.

Counsell denied any reference to knives or a head-butt but accepted that Mr Davey's glasses had been broken in the struggle.

Mr Hazleton pointed out that since the incident Mr Davey had moved back to the area and there was no further animosity between him and Counsell, who had no previous convictions for violence.

The magistrates fined Counsell £600 with £300 costs and a £60 victim surcharge and ordered him to pay £195 compensation to Mr Davey for the damage to his glasses and clothing, and £150 for his injuries.

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