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St Austell cat Shiny's isn't psychotic - he's actually a loving pet

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: December 04, 2013

HERE KITTY:  Ferocious feline or 'purrfect' pet? Shiny at home in his garden.

HERE KITTY: Ferocious feline or 'purrfect' pet? Shiny at home in his garden.

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A PET cat claimed to be terrorising residents near St Austell has been visited by an animal psychologist – and is said to be fe-line fine.

The black tomcat – called Shiny – hit the headlines after residents complained they did not know what to do to stop the pet's ferocious antics.

Neighbours in Little Treviscoe said Shiny's antisocial behaviour included picking fights with other cats and dogs in the neighbourhood, and even attacking people.

The situation has become so bad that some have had to resort to force.

Paula Burton, 42, went to hospital back in July after Shiny dashed into her home and attacked her.

She said: "He was hanging off my arm by his claws. I managed to shake him off."

He then went for her legs.

Miss Burton said Shiny also bullies her two cats, Wesley and Saffy, who are so afraid of the tomcat they cower whenever he appears.

Another neighbour had

reported that Shiny clawed her 90-year-old mother.

But owners Mandie and Adrian Knowles, who live in the village with their three children, Jasmine and Maisy, seven, and two-year-old Poppy, have hit back.

Shiny was neutered in July in a bid to halt his bad behaviour and had been fine, they said.

"He is a completely different cat since he was neutered. He doesn't spray, he doesn't fight and he is fine with us. He's an outdoor cat but will come inside and have his food around our two-year-old Poppy – we've never had any issues with our children.

"We have been made out to be irresponsible pet owners and we are not. We have had to defend ourselves and Shiny."

RSPCA inspector Jon Phipps said he visited the Knowles' address back in the summer after Shiny had been neutered to find him "fast asleep on the sofa".

"He seemed absolutely fine and content and the owners had done all the right things."

Mr Phipps said since then he had not been contacted or been told about Shiny's misbehaviour until he heard about it on the radio last week.

However, since the recent outcry, Mr and Mrs Knowles have had him checked by animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford.

Mrs Knowles said the meeting on Sunday went well.

"He found Shiny to be a nice cat and us to be responsible owners and he was happy with what he saw."

Dr Mugford, who has appeared on television helping pets with problems, carried out several experiments which tested Shiny's territorial responses using ham and a hissing gadget.

"Shiny didn't attack him.

"I am really happy – Shiny is not a ferocious cat.

"Dr Mugford even introduced Shiny to his own dog and nothing happened – Shiny just arched his back, which is amazing considering again it was his territory.

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