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Quick-thinking girl, 8, came to mum's rescue

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: May 30, 2012

Claire and Tiana Dudley.

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A SCHOOLGIRL aged just 8 has been praised for her prompt actions after she dialled 999 when her mother collapsed at home.

Little Tiana Dudley, of High Cross, St Columb, calmly spoke to an emergency services operator who immediately dispatched a police officer and ambulance on Tuesday evening last week.

Mum Claire, 45, told the Cornish Guardian how she blacked out after having a bath – but came round on the couch downstairs surrounded by a policewoman, paramedics and her daughter.

Luckily she was given the all-clear and she and husband Simon promptly went out and bought a toy rabbit called Fluffy to say thank you to their beaming daughter.

"Tiana is amazing," said Mrs Dudley, a mother of three.

"She's a very special little girl. She's never had to do anything like that before but she didn't panic.

"We bought her Fluffy as a way of saying thank you to her. She knows we're chuffed to bits with her. The police and paramedics said she did brilliantly too."

Recounting her scary ordeal, Mrs Dudley said she had been feeling ill all day but made her children their tea at around 6pm before heading upstairs for a relaxing soak.

She said: "I don't remember much after this. Apparently I came downstairs, I think Tiana may have helped me, and then I just passed out. Luckily I was on the sofa. It could have been much worse if it had been at the top of the stairs, or even on the floor.

"I vaguely remember being prodded by a policewoman as I was coming round and the paramedics arrived immediately after. It's all a bit fuzzy. But they checked me over and gave me the all-clear."

Mrs Dudley said her husband had the shock of his life when he came home from work.

"The police were still here when Simon got back because they wouldn't leave me until I had a responsible adult to look after me." she said. "He was surprised to say the least."

She said she didn't know how Tiana knew what to do, but she may have picked it up at school or from listening to her mum and dad talking about her six--year-old brother Charlie, who has Down's Syndrome.

"Maybe somewhere along the line she's heard us talking about the emergency number," said Mrs Dudley. "She's helped look after Charlie all the way through and now she was looking after me."

Tamsin Nash, Tiana's form teacher at St Columb Major Academy, also praised the quick-thinking youngster.

"The subject of what to do in these situations has come up before but not for a while," she said.

"Tiana's clearly got a very good long-term memory.

"It's brilliant that she knew what to do but it's no surprise that she reacted like that – she's an amazing little girl. She's an absolute pleasure to teach and is very popular in school."

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