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Planners defend turbine scheme

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: May 15, 2013

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THE COMMUNITY of Summercourt have spoken out against plans to install a 76-metre-high wind turbine within their parish.

Residents turned out in force leaving many standing at a St Enoder Parish Council meeting.

They voiced their concerns about the 500kW Chytane Farm turbine, which mainly related to noise and the distance it would be from their front doors.

The parish council objected to the plans for similar reasons, as well as cumulative visual impact, inconsistencies within the planning application and a dispute over the accuracy of the photomontages. But the planning consultant behind the plans defended the scheme, claiming there was a "national need" and that much work had been carried out to minimise noise and distance from neighbouring properties.

More than 20 objections have been made on Cornwall Council's online planning register.

Simon Ward, objecting, said online: "The turbine planned is exceptionally large and will dominate views from the neighbouring land of the Tregothnan Estate (Burthy Row Farm).

"The incremental effect of another 500kW turbine on top of the existing 500kW turbine at Melbur Works, which is a similar distance from the farm as the subject site, would have a material effect upon the amenity of the area, and we are further concerned that two large turbines operating in close proximity would create unacceptable levels of noise."

The application, by J Julian and Son, would see a turbine measuring 48m to the hub and with a blade rotar diameter of 51.5 metres installed on the farm land. Also included is ancillary equipment, grid connection and access arrangements.

It will now go before Cornwall Council planners, who will have the final say.

Russell Dodge, planning consultant at Business Location Services LTD, which is spearheading the plans, said there was some support for the turbine application at the planning meeting.

He said it would be installed with a lower foundation to minimise height.

"We have produced what we feel is a robust planning application and have gone through a lengthy process to minimise the impact both in terms of noise and distance from neighbouring properties," he said.

"There is a national need for this. We are doing it to reduce our carbon footprint."

He said the nearest property was 419 metres from where the turbine would be installed.

"We have done a full assessment in light of the council's policy and guidance of turbine developments," he said.

"The siting of the turbine has been moved so many times to reduce impact on neighbouring properties."

A planning statement by the firm also states, subject to planning permission, that the developer will pay an annual payment of £3,750 to St Enoder Parish Council for 25 years.

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  • letigre  |  May 16 2013, 12:10PM

    Just having a look at this application it doesn't seem as though the owners are even in support: "We have been made aware of this application by a neighbour (not the applicant or council). As the owners and occupiers of Chytane Farm we strongly object to this development. We object to Chytane farm being associated with this planning application and our abjections are based on flicker, noise, loss of amenity and the cumulative noise impact this will have with regards to the existing EWT 52/54 turbine. This turbine is already causing a noise nuisance." "419m" from properties is nonsense and down right dangerous, time is well overdue for Cornwall to have a proper debate with regards to safe setbacks for residents.

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  • Prodigal  |  May 16 2013, 11:19AM

    We can estimate how much CO2 a 500Kw turbine might save when in operation (ignoring for the moment the large amount produced in its manufacture and installation). Electricity production in the UK in 2010 released on average 457grammes of CO2 per KWh (IEA CO2 emission statistics 2012 http://tinyurl.com/6vz25nl ). Once such a turbine has been running for some time to recoup the CO2 produced prior to installation, it would then start saving 600 tonnes of CO2 per annum. The UK emits 572 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per annum or 1.6% of global emissions (Dept. of Energy and Climate Change 30th April 2013). Thus we can estimate that the turbine might reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions by 0.0001 % or one ten thousandth of one per cent. Or put another way, if we were to erect 10,000 similar turbines in Cornwall we would manage to reduce UK CO2 emissions by 1% and global emissions by 0.016%. Not saving the planet just ruining the country.

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  • willythefish  |  May 15 2013, 7:49AM

    "... the developer will pay an annual payment of £3,750 to St Enoder Parish Council for 25 years." So the profiteers will pay a peanut sized bribe for a few years - a bribe that is a minute fraction of the handouts and subsidies that they will be paid from our taxes and ever increasing electricity bills.

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