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Open letter: Town centre could benefit from Coyte Farm

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: January 02, 2014

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TO THE chairman and members of the Strategic Planning Committee, Cornwall County Council, County Hall, Truro.

With reference to planning application PA12/10096 Coyte Farm. We are writing in support of this application.

St Austell needs to grow. We now have a population greater than Truro, but our shopping facilities are much smaller and our social facilities do not meet this greater population, which has been created by planning permission being given for more and more housing.

If this application is granted, then St Austell will have a better range of shops, more care facilities for the older generation, and better leisure facilities.

Objectors keep on saying that it will take trade away from the town centre but, in actual fact, trade is dead in St Austell.

The businesses there do not cater for the range of products people need and want, and which will be available to the public if this application is allowed to go ahead.

As far as I can see there is no business in St Austell that will be affected by the opening of stores in the Coyte Farm application, and most of the objectors from the town do not sell anything in their shops which would be affected.

We cannot purchase clothes at all in St Austell, as the only clothing shops cater purely for the younger end of the market.

In my opinion, there is only one good shoe shop, so I have no choice in the purchase of shoes.

There are no greengrocers in the town, only one stall, and one butcher: again no choice.

I know of nowhere in St Austell where I can purchase underwear, either for myself or my husband. This means that I have to travel to Truro or Plymouth to purchase these items.

Do you know of any other town where you have to travel between 24 and 60km in order to purchase a pair of pants?

I believe there are too many phone shops and estate agents, charity shops and cheap pound shops in St Austell.

I do not want to buy a phone every week, nor a house, nor would I shop in charity shops on a regular basis.

What St Austell town centre needs is more good eating places, to cater for all tastes, not just the fast food market.

It needs to encourage more individual shops, art shops, craft shops, and a facility for exhibitions of local craft and art, and a place for the wealth of talent in and around St Austell to be able to perform.

St Austell town centre needs to clean up the drunken rowdiness in the evenings, so that the good people of the town need not be afraid to walk through it after a visit to the cinema or a restaurant.

Let us make the town a nice place to be.

We can do our shopping at Coyte Farm and then go into town for a nice meal and maybe a visit to a performance or a band or local theatrical group.

Therefore we are asking that you pass this application.



St Austell

Would be an asset

I'VE NEVER written to a newspaper before, but felt I had to protest against the council's decision to once again refuse the Coyte Farm application. We've seen St Austell's previous attempts to improve in the 1970s and more recently, and still people shop in Truro, Plymouth, and Exeter, which proves what a hash they have made of it.

Coyte Farm would be an asset to St Austell and would bring customers into the town.

The council should go up to York, where similar developments are dotted along the approach road and have been a huge success for the city and smaller traders.

Could it be the promise of new council buildings is swaying the issue?

Remember the fiasco at Victoria a few years ago.


St Austell

This horse is dead

SO, the present "vibrant" town centre (a recent description), which was redeveloped only a few years ago, now requires "new life" breathing into it.

The expression "flogging a dead horse" comes to mind.


St Austell

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  • MarjProops  |  January 02 2014, 3:23PM

    Well said Norma and Geoffrey Kaye I could have put it better. I whole heartedly believe that at present St Austell Town Centre is PANTS!.... (and it doesn't even stock them).

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