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Junior rugby round-up, March 20

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: March 20, 2013

  • READY TO SHINE IN THE SUN: Newquay Hornets Under 8s before Sunday's game against Hayle.

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Under 10


Newquay Hornets travelled to Truro on Sunday for the Under 10 County Festival where they were crowned champions.

Match 1: Newquay Hornets 4 St Ives 0. Newquay started strongly and were quick to gain possession of the ball and with good passing out to the wings they were able to push St Ives back into their own half.

St Ives did well to stop Newquay reaching their try line several times and try as they may, couldn't break through the Hornets' defence.

The formidable young Hornets knew what they had to do and with strong rucking, great passing and running they were rewarded, running in four tries. Try scorers Ben 2, Toby 1, Joe 1.

Match 2: Newquay Hornets 2 Falmouth 0. Falmouth were a strong opposition and Newquay's forwards were to be used to full advantage during this match.

Strength in the rucks and the scrums saw Newquay making good ground and feeding the ball out to the wings, which eventually stretched the Falmouth defence too far and saw Newquay score two tries from Liam and Ben.

Match 3: Newquay Hornets 6 Perranporth 0. Newquay hit their stride in this match and great defensive work halted any attempt by Perranporth to score.

Keeping Perranporth in their own half with fast passing and huge tackles, Newquay capitalised on their territorial advantage running in 6 tries over the course of the game. Try scorers: Toby 2, Joe 2 and Lewis 2 .

Semi-final: Newquay Hornets 1 Truro 0. This match had all the makings of a great game of rugby as the 2012 joint County Champions came face to face once again.

Truro set the pace, coming out the blocks at speed but Newquay put up an impenetrable line of defensive and with strong rucking, turned the ball over several times.

The young Hornets played with a passion and determination that was a privilege to watch and spectators were rewarded with an impressive game of rugby from these two teams.

However, Newquay had the edge and worked together to keep Truro in their 5m zone. From a Truro scrum, lighting quick reactions from Ben saw him intercept a pass to storm over the line and with a roar from the Newquay supporters, sealed their pass through to the final.

Cup Final: Newquay Hornets 2 Penzance 0. The sun shone down for the Hornets' final encounter of the day to face the young Pirates.

The Pirates came at Newquay hard but the Hornets put into practice all they've been taught and excelled themselves winning the ball in rucks and putting pressure on Penzance at every turn. The first half ended without either team managing to score.

In the second half, Penzance made some good runs but exuding massive team spirit and with unprecedented effort, the Hornets used every last morsel of energy and managed to convert this pressure into two tries from Ben and Liam.

Nobody could take the sting out of the Hornets' tails and without conceding a single try for the whole festival, this team are a credit to their coaches, parents and the club and deserving champions.

Squad: Ben Hammersley, Joe Roberts, Tyler Harold, Lewis Moore, Toby Blount, Bradley Davies, Bailey Williams, Summer Holland, Joel Morison, Fin Jones, Rocky Hutchinson, Declan Simmonds, Liam Bendall, Caleb Tamblin.


Rarely can a coach and parents feel so proud of their protégés: this was the case on a bright sunny afternoon at the Truro Festival.

Liskeard Looe reached the final of the bowl after a series of bruising and punishing encounters in the pool. Waking slowly Liskeard Looe lost by two tries to St Austell before missing out by a single try against Lankelly-Fowey.

In the final pool match a rip roaring equaliser by Zak Stribley was nullified when Hayle went over in the dying seconds to win 2-1. In the semi-final the opponents were Helston and the Lions set to their task ferociously.

Zak Stribley, James Slater and Max Dennison were huge in the scrum whilst Callum Slater and Sam Day both picked up two tries each, with Joe Maywood and Oli Dennett adding further scores.

The final score of 6-3 was the highest in the festival.

In the final Perranporth proved just too strong and even the endless tackles of Oli Aniyi and Henry Dean were not enough, nor were the impressive performances of Scott Sutton, Billy Warner and Owen Harris when trying to impact in the second half.

Zak Stribley won man of the match but quite rightly all were heroes and their coach a humbled individual. Thanks should go to Truro, and Nik Tinney, for a fantastic festival.

Under 9


A very strong turnout as always by the young Newquay Hornets on a dry but damp day away to Hayle and St Ives.

After a confident drilling from the team coaches, club captain Jack Jenkinson headed his team for four ten-minute games, playing two teams with rolling subs allowing each player equal game play opportunity.

The young Hornets came out strongly against Hayle and took the first try quickly, perfectly scored by Jacob Lamboll.

The Hornets commitment to the tackle was highly commendable with excellent play coming from Mackenzie Cooke, Harry Youngman, Ben Cole, Harvey Henwood and Monty Bayley-Skinner.

Newquay broke through with a number of excellent runs as Hayle tried desperately to defend their try line. The Hornets' commitment shone through as scrum-half, Matthew Pollard, fed Kai Bentley, Mackenzie Cooke, and Harry Youngman who placed the ball over the line to finish the first game 20-5 in the Hornets' favour.

The second match against St Ives showed promise. St Ives came out strong as the Hornets defended their try line with excellent tackles coming from Jack Jenkinson, Brandon O'Hara, Leon Gerrard, Will Blount, Lloyd Cornes and Josh Pownall who subsequently scored the only try of this game.

Both sides shone with exceptional game play that quite simply stunned the supporting parents. Excellent defence and commitment to the tackle was showed from all. The score stood at St Ives 25 Newquay 5.

Newquay stepped out again against St Ives, and worked hard to keep a relentless opposition off of their try line with excellent driving defence coming from Matthew Barker and Dylan Orchard and total commitment to the tackle from Harry Youngman, Ben Cole and Monty Bayley-Skinner, a side step and more well positioned passes from Matthew Pollard allowed Mackenzie Cooke to plough through the defence and take a hat trick of tries in quick succession.

These were closely followed by another run and resulting try from Kai Bentley leaving the score standing at 20-5.

The final game saw Hayle come out very strongly as they struggled to settle into the game. They defended fiercely with a huge tackle count coming from Reuben Greenfield, Lloyd Cornes, Jared Williams, Josh Pownall, Poppy Garner, Christian Boucher and Will Blatchford and that left the score standing at Hayle 20 Newquay 0.

Overall a great game of rugby played with real commitment and team spirit which hugely impressed all supporting parents and coaches.

Players of the match were awarded to Poppy Garner for having an awesome game in the tackle and also to Harvey Henwood for commitment to the tackle and team spirit.

Under 8


Newquay U8s travelled to Hayle on Sunday for a three way tie between Hornets, Hayle and St Ives.

Hornets' first match was Hayle and excellent, quick passing between the young Hornets side enabled James Cockell to score the opening try for Hornets. Hayle quickly equalised.

Further superb passing between Ruby Reed, Thomas Austin, James Cockell, Matthew Alecock-Smith and Joe Pearce resulted in a further try for Hornets. Despite excellent tagging by James Cockell and Matthew Alecock-Smith Hayle equalised once more.

Freddy Pearce, Matthew Alecock-Smith, Joe Pearce and James Cockell displayed excellent support play to give Hornets the lead with another try from James Cockell. At the Hayle restart possession shifted between both teams due to excellent defensive play – Hornets came out on top with a long run by James Cockell to score another try to take Hornets two tries ahead. Hayle responded quickly once more to narrow the lead to only one try.

Newquay were forced into touch at their restart giving Hayle possession and a chance to equalise and superb pressure by Joe Pearce and an interception by Matthew Alecock-Smith who offloaded to Dylan Clough to score his first try since joining the Hornets squad.

Hornets were playing well and managed to turnover the Hayle restart and a long run by Freddy Pearce who was tagged just before the line to offload to Matthew Alecock-Smith who scored.

At the Hayle restart, James Cockell tagged excellently and Hayle were forced into touch. Newquay used their possession to enable Geren Griffiths to score.

Despite excellent Hornets defence Hayle managed to score a try and the last play of the half saw excellent passage of play between Matthew Alecock-Smith, Joe Pearce, Freddy Pearce and James Cockell who scored. The half time score was Hornets 40 pts (8 tries) to Hayle 20 pts (4 tries).

In the second half, Hayle started strongly and despite excellent tagging from James Cockell, Dylan clough and Ruby Reed Hayle managed to score. Newquay responded quickly with another try for Geren Griffiths.

Hayle scored again and at the Newquay restart Ruby Reed passed to James Cockell who made excellent ground with his evasive play but a knock on gave Hayle possession, Newquay quickly regained possession but an unfortunate knock on enabled Hayle to score.

At the Newquay restart a superb run from half way by Joshua Golden- Clarke enabled him to score for Hornets. Excellent supportive play by the Hayle side gave them a further try. Hayle scored three further tries during the match and superb, fast paced running by Joshua Golden-Clarke gave Hornets two further tries.

The final try of the match went to Hornets' player James Cockell, making the final score Hornets 70 (14 tries) to Hayle 55 (11 tries).

Excellent display of fair play by the young Hornets side.

The second match of the day was against St Ives who won the toss and despite excellent tagging by Matthew Alecock-Smith and Joshua Golden-Clarke, St Ives took first points on the scoreboard.

At the Newquay restart Freddy Pearce passed to Geren Griffiths who was forced into touch and St Ives capitalised and scored again.

Thomas Austin restarted for Hornets with a pass to Freddy Pearce but a knock on gave St Ives possession, Newquay were quick to regain possession and Matthew Alecock-Smith passed to James Cockell to score the first points of the match for Hornets.

Another Newquay turnover at the St Ives restart gave Thomas Austin his deserved first try for Hornets after excellent positioning and support play. St Ives responded quickly and scored again.

At the restart possession switched repeatedly between the two sides but Hornets came out on top with a long run and consequent try by Joe Pearce.

The St Ives team have clearly been preparing for contact and Newquay were once more forced into touch at their restart giving St Ives possession and a try.

The young Hornets side were undeterred and with fantastic supportive play Joshua Golden-Clarke made it over the line. St Ives responded quickly and superb passing by the Hornets team gave Newquay another try.

At the St Ives restart, superb pressure from the Hornets earned them the turnover which was regained by St Ives giving them another try. At trhe Newquay restart Freddy Pearce was forced into touch by a fierce St Agnes defence and St Ives capitalised to score again.

Excellent supportive play at the Newquay restart gave them a deserved try making the half time score St Ives 30 (6 tries) to Hornets 20 (4 tries).

In the second half St Ives started strongly to score as did James Cockell who made it over the line for Hornets.

Despite excellent tagging ST Ives scored again and Joe Pearce and Joshua Golden-Clarke worked hard to score for Hornets. St Ives were able to score quickly once more from their restart. Geren Griffiths, Ruby Reed, Matthew Alecock-Smith and James Cockell worked hard to score for Hornets. St Ives came back strong and scored another.

James Cockell passed to Joshua Golden-Clark who ran superbly the length of the pitch to score to bring Hornets within two tries of the leaders.

At the St Ives restart Newquay fought exceptionally hard to win the turnover and won another deserved try. The final whistle blew before the mean machines were able to equalise making the final score St Ives 60 points (12 tries) to Hornets 55 points (11 tries).

Man of the Match: Joe Pearce.


Bude's St Patrick's day fixture away against Wadebridge fell on a bright sunny day and even the Welsh ref. seemed pleased about something (despite having left his whistle at home!).

In the first match, captained by Ben Bolt, Bude set off to t a flying start and were soon many points ahead. Wadebridge seemed unable to break through the defence and the Bude attack made it to their try line effortlessly. The final score was 7-2 to Bude.

The try scorers were Finlay Cackett, Mitch Harris, Archie Courtney-Perrot, William Collins, and Archie Whitefield.

In the second match Wadebridge fielded a stronger team and instantly gave Bude more of a challenge.

Sonny Boyd captained his team in a hard fought but more even match, the final score being 6-6. The try scores were Sonny Boyd, William Collings, Hayden Charter and Theo Byrn.

Bude coach Dave Bolt said: "These boys have worked hard all season, they're a strong team and their results show that, I'm very proud of them."

Bude squad: Ben Bolt, Sonny Boyd, Theo Byrn, Finlay Cackett, Hayden Charter, Will Collings, Archie Courtnay-Perrot, Tim Damford, Mitchell Harris, William Moyle, Alex Norlund, Ethan Roff-Conway and Archie Whitefield.

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