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By West Briton  |  Posted: May 08, 2014

Molly Scott Cato: Green Party.

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GREENS value the way European laws underpin the high quality of life we take for granted.

Greens in the European Parliament have made sure our environments are protected and that we have clean air and water in the South West.

The rights we have at work, from paid holiday to not being made to work longer hours than we choose, could be threatened if they weren't upheld by the EU.

We share people's concern that corporations have too much power in Europe and that many European politicians aren't working in the interests of the citizens of the EU. Greens in Europe are campaigning to increase democracy, defend our rights to privacy and end the waste of public money. We want to stop big companies from lobbying politicians and paying for influence.

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The EU is a positive influence and makes a difference every day in ways we often don't recognise. It has kept the peace and improved our lives: but we need to crack down on the power exercised without responsibility and make Europe work for the common good.

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