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Scheme's staff ask residents if they back proposed giant energy farm

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: January 18, 2013

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STAFF from an energy company, which this week unveiled proposals to build the biggest combined wind turbine and solar panel farm in the county, have this week been knocking on doors in North Cornwall to gauge people's reactions and opinions.

Good Energy, who operate the Delabole wind farm, want to create the 47MW energy farm at Week St Mary, near Bude, that could power around 20,000 homes.

Proposals for the 80-acre site include 14 turbines measuring up to 125m high and 75 acres of solar panels.

Last year the company carried out a scoping exercise in the area.

As a result of that exercise the size of the proposed scheme has been reduced.

This week Good Energy staff have been knocking on the doors of 900 households including those who will benefit from lower electricity prices.

If it goes ahead the company will offer customers living within a 5km radius of the farm a local tariff with a 20 per cent discount on electricity bills, saving customers £100 a year.

A £79,000-a-year community fund to invest in local projects is also on the table.

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  • johndavies  |  January 21 2013, 1:24PM

    Looking at the OFFGM figs in the first 9 mths of 2012 for Delabole Cornwall - http://tinyurl.com/axwngld a 9.2 MW site. The windfarm received £720,598 = (£80,066 / mth ) just in ROC subsidy's alone, that's on top of the generation payments £881,160, Total £1,601,758 = (177,973 / mth or £5,851 / day) They receive £2,632 / day in subsidies….. lifted from our energy bills. It's our money, out of our bills, then they give us a little of our own money as 'cashback'!! it's a classic Ponzi SCAM. (google it) Community Benefit …..I don't think so, If they sell into the grid they get 5p / unit, your supplier then sells to you at 15p, BUT If they sign you up & sell direct to you at 15p – 20% = 12p they make an additional 7p less expenses, say 5p. So by selling direct to you, they can double their money to 10p for no extra cost. Neat,.... a scam on top of a scam.

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  • IvorWard  |  January 18 2013, 10:30PM

    What a good idea. Let's take 80 acres of agricultural land out of food production and turn it over to subsidy production with solar panels. We'll plant the little F.I.T.subsidies in the Spring and watch them grow until they are big enough to get us an annual ski holiday in Vail and maybe add them to the Wind turbine subsidies of about £225,000 per turbine per year and maybe we can buy a super yacht in Monaco. Hang on a minute Mr "Good" energy...What do you mean?.. I am not getting the subsidies ? I'M PAYING THEM TO YOU!!!! and you are going to get the money and I and my old retired friends are going to die of cold in fuel poverty whilst you swan around in luxury. Hey! I know I'll buy a house near your power factory, it will be really cheap because windfarms destroy property values. What if I do get sick from the low frequency beat of the turbines, I'm going to die from fuel poverty anyway! I'd get to share in your subsidy bonanza...Lucky me! I could pay you a lot in subsidy on my electricity bill and you could give me a tiny percentage back and pat me on the head for being a "good" boy! Probably won't care by then anyway. After a thousand odd trucks have gone past my door carrying concrete in and Earth and spoil out, cranes and low loaders, bulldozers, diggers, day and night for months I'll be completely insane by then. You know...If I get that insane I might even be stupid enough to think that destroying 75 acres of North Cornwall to produce unreliable and pathetically small amounts of unwanted electricity is a good idea! Nah! I don't think even Bodmin Lunatic asylum in its heyday could produce enough mad people to think that was a good idea!

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