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By West Briton  |  Posted: May 08, 2014

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THE English Democrats are the only party putting the interests of the vast majority of the UK's people first – the 84 per cent who live and work in England.

We oppose mass, uncontrolled immigration to England (which accommodates over 90 per cent of immigrants) and campaign for an effective points system on the Australian and Canadian models.

We campaign for English jobs for English workers, and for more effective education in furtherance of this.

English Democrats support not only the rebuilding and repair of the West Country's infrastructure (including roads, railways, bridges and flood defences) but extending it.

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English Democrats regard the supply of food as a security matter, and favour greatly increased support for farmers.

Given the unreliability of Scotland for our defence needs, we favour restoration of warship production and repair in Devonport and Portsmouth.

Similarly, we support relocation of other defence work to Bristol.

The English Democrats have long campaigned for an English Parliament and now seek independence for England as a means of achieving this goal.

We are opposed to the EU and campaign for a referendum about continued membership as soon as possible.

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