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Booze warning given to Newquay salon owner Kirsty Wood

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: January 18, 2013

A WELL-KNOWN Newquay businesswoman, who drunkenly threw a glass at a young woman's head, has been ordered by a judge to ditch the booze – or face prison.

Kirsty Wood, of Carminow Way, admitted unlawfully wounding Leanne Hartley in an alcohol-fuelled incident outside a Bank Street bar on September 13 last year.

The 29-year-old, who runs Company beauty salon and Bank Street Bar and Grill, claimed she had reacted in self-defence after a bit of "banter" with three revellers turned "serious".

But Truro Crown Court heard last Thursday that Miss Hartley had stepped in to defuse the argument outside The Library Lounge bar, which is owned by Wood's partner, Bradley Miller.

A victim impact report read out by prosecutor Sally Daulton revealed that Miss Hartley, who knew none of the women involved, had been left deeply traumatised.

She needed nine stitches in her head, which could leave a permanent scar, and reportedly suffered two black eyes.

Recorder Simon Levene told Wood he was willing to adjourn sentencing for six months to give her a chance to prove she could kick her drinking habit.

It emerged that Wood – described by the arresting police officer as having "glazed red eyes and smelling strongly of alcohol" – has a previous conviction for a public order offence and a caution for battery.

The judge told her: "It's clear that you have a drink problem. I would like to see that you've made a serious and successful attempt to address your drinking and it goes without saying that there will be no further offences. Whether you go to prison largely depends on your own effort."

Barry Hilliard, for the defence, had told the court that Wood and her partner were "struggling financially" and urged the judge not to jail her, as her salon business would not survive.

"She's very remorseful for what her behaviour has caused to the injured party," he said. "She is very acutely aware of how foolish she was."

The court heard that Wood could not recall why she had walked down the stairs at The Library Lounge, formerly Halos lap-dancing club, and begun arguing with the three holidaymakers.

In her statement, she said: "Three of the girls came for me, I had a glass in my hand and I threw the glass. Unfortunately [it] hit Leanne.

"I have to accept I was reckless in my action of throwing the glass. I'm very sorry for the injury I caused."

Mr Hilliard added: "She thought a fight was about to start and admitted throwing a glass in an upwards motion. There was no intention to injure Leanne Hartley."

In her impact report, Miss Hartley said she was on anti-anxiety medication and was undergoing counselling.

She said: "I haven't been able to leave the flat on my own. I'm jumpy and shaky and very uneasy around people.

"Having to look at that scar every day only brings the whole thing back to me. I can't believe there are people out there who think it's OK to throw a glass at someone's face."

Wood is due to be sentenced on July 10.